Volunteer Guidelines

1) Volunteers are to arrive at the time provided to help set up and remain there for the entire event and help with clean up. Arriving late or leaving early may result in not receiving your volunteer hours.

2) Volunteer will be provided with a shirt and this shirt must be put on once arrived and worn for the entire event. Once clean up is done, volunteers must return the shirt. Not returning the shirt will result in a $20 fine.

3) Volunteers are to wear appropriate pants. Shorts are permitted but must be an appropriate length (no booty shorts)

4) These are family and public events. Any offensive or inappropriate language will not be tolerate. If reported you will be asked to leave the event and you will not receive the volunteer hours.

5) Some volunteers will be handling money. All money collected is to be brought to the operator at the end of the event. If reported that you have taken any of the money, appropriate action will be taken given the level or severity and you will not receive your volunteer hours. We will also notify your school if this occurs.

Volunteer Application